Mix Century film Production, was an professional video production company with 7 years experience in industry. The team are specialize in producing video content for both individuals and corporations. We believe that in this new era of social media is become one of the main source for end user to buy & sell, video content has became the best content for end user to understand and fastest way to impact the market in under 2 minutes.

We strongly believe “VISUAL STORYTELLING” is everywhere and it’s the fastest and easiest way to communicate. In Malaysia, more entrepreneurs and SME has rises to stimulate the country’s economies. We hope to help young entrepreneurs and SME to connect their product and service to the market with our “VISUAL STORYTELLING”. Especially through the current fast growing digital and social media era.

Our team constantly trying to better to produce our products as our team is growing larger. We produce our products with big agency quality but with sizeable service. We produce our products in the best interest of clients’ brand identity and image.