Director : Shi Wen
Cinematographer : Shi Wen , Sirion

The Awards has returned for the fourth time, featuring a multitude of stellar projects by Malaysia’s top developers.

A nation’s progress is often reflected in the state of property development in the country. Housing the people is of utmost importance, and property developers play a significant role as nation builders. Awards 2019 aims to bring to light the achievements of property developers in Malaysia. To be all-encompassing of the various fields in the property industry, new categories have been introduced. The awards are now extended to projects with big hearts (corporate social responsibility), luxury houses, hotels as well as landmark buildings. A total of 20 award categories were introduced for developers to pitch their creativity, ideas and execution as they make their way to the grand stage. The stories and achievements of the winners will be immortalised in the pantheons of fame and celebrated for years to come.

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